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About Us

​Toronto's first Mazesoba restaurant, we are a specialty Noodle Bar just a few steps east of the St. Clair subway station.  


In Japan, Megumi (めぐみ) means blessing or grace, and Mazesoba (まぜそば) is a brothless ramen dish made with special seasoning and various toppings such as chashu, egg, nori (seaweed), spring onions, and menma (bamboo shoots). It is mixed with vinegar and chili oil while hot, and served with a runny onsen egg that will coat the noodles in a thick and savoury sauce. ​If you love Japanese cuisine, Mazesoba is a delightful alternative to traditional ramen that is rich in flavour and unique in taste that everyone can enjoy. 


Join us today and experience a refreshing new taste at Megumi Mazesoba.  

Mazesoba Ramen

Our Story

Born in Indonesia, I grew up eating plenty of spicy foods and dry noodles, which are considered comfort meals in my home country. In Jakarta, you will find many small noodle shops using chopped chilis and a variety of sambal served with noodles.

During a trip back to see family, I noticed a sudden popularity in Japanese cuisine, particularly in the Abura Soba style of ramen, which is very similar to Mazesoba. Never before had I seen this kind of ramen in Toronto, except in the occasional seasonal menu from a few popular ramen joints. I saw an opportunity to introduce Toronto to this delicious style of ramen.


I’ve been working in the restaurant industry since immigrating to Canada, and have always dreamed of owning my own restaurant someday. After my trip, and after testing many recipes and not being able to replicate that delicate taste in the ramen I tried, I decided to contact a ramen master from Japan. I told him about my dream and that I needed his guidance. He customized a program for me based on my ideas and experiences with dry ramen, and through his mentorship we created the delicious bowl of ramen we serve our customers today. Of course, I added my own twists of creativity to marry the original flavours learned from Japan, with the mouth-watering spiciness from Indonesia, and ingredients based on my experiences here in Canada.

Our goal at Megumi Mazesoba is to reinterpret traditional Japanese ramen in a contemporary fashion, without sacrificing the original Japanese flavour.

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