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What is Mazesoba

Mazesoba, also called Mazemen here in North America, is a brothless Japanese ramen that originated in Nagoya, Japan. 

The name is derived from "maze" meaning "to mix", and "soba" meaning "noodles".

With only a dash of soup, the seasoning and a runny onsen egg will coat the noodles in a thick and savoury sauce. ​At the end of your bowl, a complimentary scoop of rice can be requested to help you finish the remaining sauce and meat left behind. 

What's In The Bowl?

  • Your choice of noodles (ramen or udon)

  • Selection of protein made various ways

    • Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Fish

    • Vegan options also available

  • Savoury sauce made from broth and oils

  • Sous-vide egg to mix with the sauce and thicken it

  • Various other toppings​​

  • Optional house-made chili to spice it up!

Soba or Ramen

There is sometimes confusion with the type of noodles being used in mazesoba, due to "soba" being in the name. Rather than the buckwheat noodles known as "soba", this dish traditionally uses ramen noodles. The name actually comes from the alternative term for ramen noodles in Japanese - Chinese soba (Chuuka Soba). 

At Megumi Mazesoba, we offer two different types noodles: ramen or udon.

How To Enjoy Mazesoba

How to Eat Mazesoba - Step 1
How to Eat Mazesoba - Step 2
How to Eat Mazesoba - Step 3
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